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For English players we have chosen and tested the best electronic sports betting sites.

List of eSports betting sites

If you’d like to do some online sports betting then there are a lot of choices out there but it’s a different story when it comes to wagering on eSports. Especially considering that as an English-speaking player some sites like Betway will flatly refuse to let you play.
With the increasing popularity of electronic sports, some dealers are now making it their specialty and cover the most games and matches.

The top 3 eSports bookmakers

Ranking Name Bet
1 Go
2 Go

For now there isn’t a huge choice :s That’s mainly because this activity is still slightly ahead of its time and because the number of potential gamblers is not high enough for infrastructure to be created and managed. Some giants in the world of sports betting allow you to bet on some of the biggest matches like LoL World Championship. Unfortunately there are very few really big matches and the eSports sections are not visited often. To make matters worse, our IP address was blocked and we couldn’t even sign up like 1xbet and Melbet.

Selection criteria

You’ve come here to find the best eSports betting sites. The choice is limited but here’s what we’ve discovered to help you make your choice. Look for sites that:
  • have many registered players who bet regularly,
  • cover the biggest matches and many games,
  • offer stable odds,
  • allow betting with real money, and
  • have an intelligent interface.
We’ll try to add new bookmakers to the list after we’ve tested them. If you find any others that you like, please let us know: Contact page.
Each betting site is subject to a detailed review so that you’ll know exactly where you’re depositing your money.

A reminder of the basics you need to know before you start betting

The site organizer takes a margin

This fact may seem trivial when expressed that way but it’s important to note that the bookmaker who organizes, takes bets and distributes winnings takes a margin in order to make a living. The dealer creates this margin based on the total amount of money bet on a particular event. Given that players are betting right up until the last minute, sometimes the bookmaker may lose, but that’s not really of interest to us in this discussion. What you need to remember is that you’ll never be able to “win” against the bookmaker. Don’t listen to those who tell you about the surebet or value bet, they only want you to register on as many suspicious sites as possible.

MMinimize the risk

Yes, betting on eSports does involve some element of risk. But if you know the players’ statistics, the teams and performance of each one on a given map then maybe you’ll have the chance to sometimes temper your enthusiasm simply by betting on your favourite team. Maybe if your instincts as well as the statistics leave you feeling uneasy, then it might be better to refrain from betting.

Bet on what you know

Sometimes updates or new champions may upset the balance of the game. As a player you’re probably aware of that fact. Updates such as these can significantly tip the scales in any game. You also need to be passionate about what you’re betting on. If you’re too detached then you’ll lose a bit of control. You should also be up-to-date on any new strategies that can challenge those damn Protos, because some pro players abuse this race! (It’s just an observation, nothing personal).

Take stock of your bets

Sites that specialize in eSports betting provide all the tools you need to monitor the wins and losses resulting from your predictions. But more importantly, you should also pay attention to your betting behaviour. We suggest using electronic wallets to keep eSports money separate from real money and to avoid payment problems. Also take note of how much time you spend on your passion, ask yourself if it’s taking anything away from other things in your life. Be careful, everything is a question of balance.

Have fun betting and long live eSports!

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