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League of Legends Starcraft2 Dota2 Heroes Of The Storm Counter Strike Global Offensive OverWatch HearthStone Fortnite

Welcome to the eSports betting portal,

Where and how can you bet on eSports?

On this site you’ll find all the information you need to bet real money on games played by professional video game players or teams.
Just like with sports betting it really is possible to bet on your favourite team in whatever discipline you like. But this eSports betting is not very well known or practiced. As a result, almost all dealers in the field are foreign. This means that eSports betting also involves getting to know dealers and how they operate.

Get off to a good start with eSports betting

Like many others, you’re certainly passionate about eSports (or electronic sports), or at least in the championships for certain disciplines. You might even be a fan of teams like Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, Newbee, etc...
As a supporter, you know all the weaknesses of each team, their record of wins and losses and all their lineup changes. To spice things up, you begin thinking to yourself that betting real money on eSports games might be a great idea.
Well, you’re in the right place. To get things off to a good start, we suggest that you look over the eSports betting guide that will be presented over many chapters which are suitable for players of all levels. You’ll also find a summary guide if you want to go a bit faster.

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Where can I bet on eSports?

To be able to bet with attractive odds what you need is a trustworthy bookmaker who can bring together the most players for the most matches of the most games.
So just for you we have tested and approved all the eSports betting sites on our list. This comprehensive list will also give you the chance to discover who the major players are by reading their profiles and reviews from other punters.
Now we present you with our recommendations for the top 3 bookmakers who allow eSports betting.

What games can I bet on?

Of course MOBA and STR are essential to eSports because they’re the games that bring together the largest community of gamers. So it won’t be a surprise to know that you can bet on matches from League of Legends, Dota 2 and Starcraft. These three are often recommended by all self-respecting bookmakers.
Counter Strike is often also recommended in its Global Offensive mode.
Finally, some sites permit players to bet on Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Call of Duty or even Overwatch. We recommend that you consult the list of eSports games where you can bet money.

League of Legends Starcraft2 Dota2 Heroes Of The Storm Counter Strike Global Offensive OverWatch HearthStone Fortnite

Do I bet on a win for a team or on my own victory?

On this site, we show all the features of bets placed on matchups where you are not a participant. It functions in the same way as for sports betting for those who are already familiar with the concept. You’re not participating in the event in any way; it’s mainly only teams (Lol, Dota2, HotS) or individual players (Sc2, CS or Heartsone for example).
Your predictions, because that’s really what they are, are either based on your desire to see a team score a win or on your instincts about the player or the team’s skills.

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