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We offer you a detailed guide with each section suited to your knowledge of online and eSports betting..

ESports betting guide

Before anything else you need to understand that betting with real money is restricted to persons who have attained the age of majority and who have a bank account or an electronic wallet (see below). If that does not apply to you then you’ll have to come back later :D
Finally, to really grasp the concept of betting, you should remember that any money you bet must not be needed for other expenses. Money wagered must be considered lost even before you begin playing and if you win, so much the better. Betting should absolutely be considered as a form of entertainment, a way of heightening the playing experience, exactly like sports betting.

How does betting work? What are odds?

In this section we’ll examine the basis of all online betting with a discussion of how to calculate and read odds. The information that we present will be very similar to sports betting with the difference being that eSports betting sites use what is commonly known as American odds.
If you’ve already placed bets on the internet then this section, how odds work in eSports betting will not be very useful to you so you may skip to the next chapter.

What can you bet on with eSports?

This section is more suitable for eSports, so we suggest you that you read it carefully. In fact, even if each game allows you to bet on different things (not only which team will win but also who will draw first blood, destroy the first tower or kill the first dragon), there are still features that are unique to eSports betting. That section may be found here: how to bet on an eSports game?

Payment methods and fees

Our goal here is not to make a comparison or provide an exhaustive list of deposit and withdrawal methods, but to let you know which ones are the easiest and most commonly used in the world of eSports and, most importantly, to show you which ones are appropriate for gamblers in England. An explanation is available on the page: how to deposit and withdraw money from an eSports betting site?

Introduction to Fantasy Sports

This kind of betting is widely practiced in the United States but is still unknown in France. It involves creating a virtual sports team made up of real players who will play in upcoming football, basketball or other games. Based on the actual performance of real players over the year, you’ll be awarded points which will determine whether you will win or lose a virtual competition. For more details, go to our section entitled introduction to Fantasy Sports.

The major risk: Addiction

In England eSports betting isn’t strictly regulated but that doesn’t mean that there’s no cause for concern about the very real problems related to gambling. We recommend taking a few minutes to read or re-read the best practices and advice so that you can stay in control of your gaming habits. Remember that the risks of addiction are exactly the same for eSports as they are for sports betting in general and that you can help yourself in the same way. For more details on: how to avoid addiction to gambling on eSports? please follow this link.

Going further

This basic guide will be regularly updated because it’s impossible to be completely comprehensive right from the first draft. We invite you to stop by again or even to subscribe to our newsletter (it’s easier :D).

Thanks carefully reading our guide; you may return to the home page on Esports betting portal if you’ve already looked over the previous sections.

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