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Why dedicate a whole page to all the kinds of bets possible? Isn’t it just a matter of betting that your team will win and crossing your fingers in hopes that do?
Well it is but betting on eSports is more than just that. Now that you know how odds work in eSports, you will discover all the varieties and intricacies that exist for placing bets on video games.

How to bet on an eSports game?

This section has been written so that you don’t get lost among the dozens of kinds of bets available when you use an eSports bookmaker. Even though the concept is very similar to sports betting, there are specific differences for eSports and you should be aware of them in order to get the most from your online betting experience.
We’ll be using terms in English because that is the only language used by many dealers.

The aggregate win - match bet

This kind of bet is the easiest to understand and the one which is usually prominently displayed on many sites. Within a Starcraft 2 championship for example, of course you can bet on the victory of a team or player (if you’re playing 1v1), just like a football game. The odds are clearly posted and placing bets is very quick and easy if you’ve already registered with a bookmaker.
Upcoming matches are shown first and all you’ll have to do is wait for the outcome of a match to find out whether or not you have any winnings to collect. It’s up to you to read the statistics available from bookmakers or to read the predictions made by other punters.

Betting on the tournament winner - outright bet

The title speaks for itself but it’s not quite so intuitive. The odds for this kind of bet are much higher than on ordinary matches because, within the context of an LOL tournament for example, you’re betting on the team that you think will win the whole championship even before the first game is played.
This type of bet is available with nearly all eSports bookmakers and it’s in your interest to bet early on. In fact, as the tournament progresses, the odds get lower because the chance of a win for the favoured team becomes clearer.

Handicap bet

This type of bet involves giving advance points or goals to the team or player who is considered to be clearly inferior to the other and to include these values in your bet. It’s exactly the same thing as with other sports bets but instead of applying it to a number of goals it will apply to the odds.
To give a specific example, in 2015 during the League of Legends - World Championship, les KT Rolster were given little hope to win against the Koo Tigers:
KT Rolster 1.431 | Koo Tigers 2.940
A handicap of 1.5 was applied to this match and, if you wanted to you could then place your bets using these newly calculated odds:
KT Rolster (-1.5) 1.917 | Koo Tigers (+1.5) 1.934

In this case having a handicap meant that if KT Rolster won the match by two maps or more, the punters who played with a handicap would multiply their winnings by 1.917 so that a bet on a straight win would only earn you 1.431 times the initial bet.
This system is designed to encourage people to place bets while the stakes are limited and clearly increases the incentive for others to get involved in the match.
Handicaps given in electronic sports can be in terms of rounds won in Counter Strike or hands of cards won in Starcraft 2.

Combined bets - accumulator bet

This just may be the kind of bet that earns the most in terms of correct predictions. It’s also the most difficult to win but can be very exciting to bet on with small sums. It works in the same way as ordinary sports bets.
Combined betting involves placing many bets at the same time. Each of the odds is multiplied by the others that make up the combination of the bet. You choose the types and number of bets you’d like to make. In the event of a victory of three bets with odds of 1.3, 1.5 and 2.3, for example, for every 1£ bet, you’ll win 4.5£ but if even one of the bet loses, then you lose everything (1£).
The terms used in English are 'double', 'triple' and 'fold' for 1, 2, and 3 combined bets. Beyond that you’ll find terms such as 'fourfold', 'fivefold' and so on. On some sites you have to first find the 'multi' tab and then you can add as add as many games as you want.

Special bet

This name is used to describe bets that are very unlikely and often have nothing to do with the game itself; for example knowing which team will play the most in red or blue. We do not recommend this kind of bet because it is impossible to be rational about it. You’ll often hear of this kind of bet described with names like 'novelty bet' or 'prop bet'.

What can I bet on?

By now you’ve already understood that betting on whether or not a team or a player wins a game is the basis of betting but there’s more fun than that to be had. Who will draw first blood? Which team will destroy the first tower? Which team will make the first dragon? Who will win the first map? Etc… These are referred to as exotic bets because of the exciting special features that allow them to increase stakes during the game. Each eSports bookmaker has their own features and it’s up to you to find out what they are.

Now you’re ready to dive into the world of betting. We suggest that you read a bit on the best ways to deposit and withdraw your money from England on an electronic sports betting site.
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