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I’ll quickly and clearly try to show you what is referred to as Fantasy Sports. Along with this article you may also wish to review the Wikipedia page in English devoted to the topic.

To put it very simply:

  • You’ll create your own sports team (football, basketball etc.…)
  • You’ll be given a certain number of credits (general points) to recruit your players
  • How much the players cost in terms points will be based on their odds
  • You’ll then face off against other teams and bet on your chances of winning during a fantasy championship
  • The results will be based on of the actual performances of selected players for the current season.

The ranking may be done over the complete season, or even every day, that’s what’s called the daily fantasy league. This Daily Fantasy Sport (DFS) version is more fun and addictive.
To put it another way the Fantasy Sports are a mix of FUT and sports betting.

Do you want to start playing Fantasy Sports?

First of all you should be aware that although very few English-speaking players know about this discipline it’s been played in the United States since 1960 and currently represents an enormous market. Fantasy sports obviously include the sports that are the most played like American football or basketball. There were close to 57 million gamers in 2017, which is nothing to sneeze at.
This means that dealers are very knowledgeable and their platforms work perfectly. But in England still lags behind the rest of the world, so we’ll have to wait and see what foreign bookmakers will be able to accomplish.

Note that Fantasy looks more like sports betting than a simulation game. The interface may often make you think of a game but you will be playing with money based on players’ upcoming performances.

Charlie's team

For fans of stats

In the field of sports betting, the main bets are on a team. Here the focus is on the individual results of each player and finding the best trade-off between the ‘cost’ of the player and their upcoming performance. Some of the new recruits may turn out to be real surprises. You don’t have to bet every time on yesterday’s champions.
More than ever you need to follow a player’s progress. In general, sport betting platforms give you a bevy of stats related to any given sport. It’s a very good source of numerical information in addition to classic media; in any case it’s much more neutral.

Each participant in a league pays an entrance fee, just like in a tournament, and those who are the best will share in the winnings. It all happens just like in an eSports tournament but at the moment fanstasy e-sport leagues do not yet exist.

Here are the sites that let you create your own fantasy team. These types of bets are not often prominently displayed and, with 1xbet for example, you’ll have look under MORE=>GAMES=> FANTASY to find them.

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