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Pinnacle is recognized as being one of the best bookmakers in the world because they charge a very small commission on all the games that they offer. As an international bookmaker, they also offer a wide assortment of events and kinds of bets. Most importantly, they offer eSports betting.

Betting on Pinnacle from England

Pinnacle is not authorized in England so it’s illegal to register there but most importantly, although the site has been translated into English, you will not be accepted. There’s no point in lying about your identity because doing so will prevent you from collecting your winnings and especially because there’s already a very easy way for you to sign up: use a broker.

How to start betting?

Pinnacle in England

1- Open a Neteller


2- Open an AsianConnect


3- Visit Pinnacle to bet
on eSports

Using a broker…for online betting???

Very few people are familiar with this concept yet it’s very well-established in Asia where almost all online betting sites are forbidden. The broker is an intermediary who places bets on your behalf according to your instructions. So technically speaking, you’re not betting on a foreign bookmaker, you’re merely depositing money with an account manager ;)

So using a broker is legal, besides these are not illegal and you can totally register there as an English resident :D
I suggest using AsianConnect, which is one of the oldest online betting brokers and one that’s very well known. They are a trustworthy intermediary. All they need is to offer customer support in English in order to be ideal.


This broker is certainly the best and what’s more they are very interested in the English market. They regularly offer gifts in the form of a percentage of money that you deposit with them.
But most importantly they allow you to bet with Sbobet and Pinnacle (and others--see the list on the site), two bookmakers that are prohibited in England. The first bookmaker does not allow betting on eSports matchups whereas the second one does. Note that Pinnacle is known as PinBet internationally, but is still the same offer.

The concept behind Asianconnect is that you deposit money and then tell them where to place bets as if you had your own Pinnacle (Pinbet) account. Immediately, the broker will ask you for your personal information, which online betting accounts you want to open and also how you’d like to make your deposits. You can make a bank transfer (Banwire) or you may also use electronic wallets such as Neteller and Skril.

An electronic wallet

I recommend using one of these two because there are no fees with Asianconnect, only 1% when you add money to your online wallet account. These two online currency reserve services are legal; there are no maintenance fees or premiums and they make it easy for you to manage your gaming money efficiently. Of course, you will have to make an initial deposit to your Skrill or Netelleraccount either by making a bank transfer or by using a bank card. Then you’ll be able to deposit your winnings into your account and no one will be able to see what transactions you may make in the future. The final benefit of using one of these services is that you‘ll be able to receive a Mastercard at 10£/year for making purchases anywhere ... but it’s not mandatory.
On a final note, Skrill and Neteller are not bank accounts (they are not affiliated with any bank) but you will be required to prove your identity and place of residence because they are still serious financial institutions.


  1. Open an account with Neteller or Skrill (it doesn’t matter which) for depositing money for your eSports bets
  2. Open an account with AsianConnect and use your funds from your Neteller or Skrill account
  3. Bet (finally) on LOL, Starcraft, Dota2, CS:GO and HS … with Pinnacle

This method is the only real viable and legal way for betting with Pinnacle but it is a bit difficult to set up. It will take several days before you can place your first bets so be patient.

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