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Electronic sports tournaments bring together more and more people and are led by the giants like League Of Legends, Starcraft 2, Dota 2 and Counter Strike. In 2013, there were already more people viewing live Twitch streams for Lol than there were TV viewers during the qualifying rounds for worldwide football.

List of eSports games

The growth potential of electronic sports is enormous but the number of gamers interested in betting is still low, especially in England. Fortunately gamers from other parts of the world are used to raising the stakes for live matches by placing wagers using real money. The odds available from the largest bookmakers are stable and the system is now well organized.
Of course, only the biggest games are represented here but the list continues to expand over time.

League of Legends

Since 2013 it’s been the most popular multi-player game in the world. This MOBA free to play is published by RIOT who knows how to unite millions of fans. League Of Legends is both accessible to a noob and very advanced for gamers who thrive on competition. Regional and worldwide events organized and streamed on Twitch have many followers. The Lol channel is the most watched of all eSports games.
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Starcraft 2

You could almost say that Starcraft is the starting point for some of the biggest international competitions. Since 2001 Korea has been organizing major competitions that are very popular in the country. The technical means for broadcasting the biggest matches is still in its early stages yet since this year a community of fans continues to grow. Today, due to the stabilizing efforts of Blizzard, the game is now considered to be the best STR of all time. The greatest players are held up as true gods in the world of eSports.
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With the firm intention of dethroning Counter Strike, Blizzard released an FPS that will have brought the most followers to the competition in recent years. The game’s success following its initial release has been phenomenal and this game is now an essential part of eSports since major teams have clearly invested in the field. This game takes all the good ideas of its predecessors but adds a touch of fun and a gameplay that’s always balanced and dynamic. Whether you’re a gamer or a spectator, the game is always a pleasure.
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This technical, dynamic and spectacular game released by Epic Games immediately attracted gamers, streamers and competitors from around the world. For now, no eSports team stands out from the crowd and regular updates to the game make matches fairly random. If you’d like to test your skill at evaluating the opposing forces, read the page on how to bet on Fortnite.


DOTA, the first real MOBA, was the name given to a kind of Warcraft 3 map which created the genre (Defense Of The Ancients). With its own engine and an emphasis on the technological, DOTA has made a name for itself as a specialist in the genre. It’s the first community to have popularized the genre since 2003 and has allowed this kind of game to emerge as one of the most popular among gamers.
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Heroes of the Storm

This MOBA, which was developed by Blizzard and which has been available since 2015, is a serious competitor featuring the heroes of the Blizzard universe and is particularly very well-known by gamers who play MMORPG. This free to play made a big hit immediately upon its release and the corporation quickly organized tournaments designed to bring a community together. The biggest eSports teams are already training and recruiting the pro gamers of the future.
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Counter Strike : Global Offensive

Valve released its first version of Counter Strike in 2008 and, because of its online multi-player mode, achieved a phenomenal success that continues to this day. This FPS has given rise to numerous competitors who have never managed to reach the same level of online visibility. It’s the first FPS that has attracted sponsors who have their own pro teams from around the world. Following its release in 2012, Global Offensive has hit the nail on the head with a version that’s definitely geared toward team competition. Counter Strike : Global Offensive is available on nearly all video game platforms, making its visibility complete.
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SMITE is a MOBA from Hi-Rez Studios that was released in 2014 which features its own 3D engine (Unreal Engine). This free to play hasn’t won over casual gamers yet it still has a solid fan base. At the moment there are very few international championships yet eSports teams (Sk Gaming in particular) continue to invest in it. If you’re a fan of SMITE, you’ll want to be on the lookout for any upcoming events, no matter how small.
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When Blizzard entered the world of collectible card games, it created a monumental Battle Cards in free to play (pay to win ?) mode and updated it, riding on the wave of popularity of smartphone games. The top-level matches are complete and very absorbing achieving strategic levels worthy of Magic. With 25 million players in 2015, live tournaments multiply in number and pro teams dedicate 100% of their resources to them.
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