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DotA 2 is one of the most important games on the eSports scene. It’s number one in terms of active players with most gamers being Americans. There’s something of interest for all punters when it comes to betting on this MOBA that’s breaking records with 18 million dollars in prize winnings during the most recent worldwide championship, The International 5.

How to bet on DOTA 2?

If you’re a fan of DOTA 2 and you follow matches like the Asia Championships or the World Cyber Arena, you‘ll have the chance to place bets with strong and steady odds with some of the biggest bookmakers in the world.

Where can you bet on DotA2?

This MOBA is hyper technical and wonderful to watch and while it’s not the most played game in the world, its community of 900 000 players is solid and continues to grow despite the arrival of some serious competition. This game is a leader even in terms of bets because the marketing around professional teams is well developed in the United States. The Twitch channels have been quite successful and inevitably bookmakers will want their share of the pie.

As well, all of the bookmakers on our list of eSports betting sites offer DOTA2.

Many kinds of bets

Since it was one of the first games to be included in real-money betting sites, it’s certainly the largest in terms of its selection. You won’t be limited to just one bet on your favourite team:
  • The winner of the match (match winner): it’s the classic mode. Some competitions allow for tie games. You bet on a team, if it wins then you pocket the money.
  • Handicap betting (handicap betting): this means penalizing the favourite if the outcome of the match leaves no doubt. You’ll often see the handicap written as (-1.5), which means that if you accept this bet, your team must beat the outsider by more than one map and then you’ll use this data to calculate who wins the match.
  • Double chance betting: if, for example, within a Win|Tie Game|Loss scenario you think that one outcome is not likely to occur but you’re unsure of the other two then use double chance betting to guarantee the two other events. Understandably the winnings for this kind of bet are rather low.
  • Exact score betting (correct score): this means betting on the exact score of the match (at least two maps played).
  • Map winner betting: do you think that Team Secret is better with Radiance than Dire? Then take advantage of this prediction to make your bets.
  • Winning at least one map: this is very useful if don’t feel comfortable with handicap betting because it lets you put stakes on matches where the outcome is almost certain.

This list is not exhaustive because the biggest special betting matches of are open like First Blood, Roshan kill, number of kills etc… These kinds of bets are usually open only a few hours before the match begins.

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