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How to bet on HearthStone?

While Magic the Gathering has not reached the level of video game competition, HearthStone it still is very suitable not only to this medium but to others as well. With its easy-to-use interface, it’s also perfect for playing on a tablet or smartphone. Since competition is a fundamental part of the game, it has earned its rightful place in eSports and betting.

Where can I register and bet on HearthStone?

Due to its worldwide success, the game is attracting sponsors and each country has many dedicated teams. Although it has become very technical it’s still always very fascinating to watch and the game is offered for betting by all the best bookmakers.

You can check it out by reviewing the list of eSports bookmakers.

What can I bet on?

With 40 million players in 2017, the number of tournaments continues to increase with the most significant being run by Blizzard : Battle.net World Championship Series and, most importantly, Dreamhack. The most popular form of betting consists of predicting which player or which team will win the event. The odds are somewhat high because this bet is risky.
Of course it’s possible to wager on a player’s victory of in a single match but the odds are much lower when the favourite plays. But the fact that tie games are not permitted helps to stabilize the odds.
Sometimes it is also possible to bet on the how far a player will go in the competition. This allows you to make things a bit more interesting if you follow a particular gamer.

Are there any betting strategies?

HearthStone is a bit like poker. Even if drawing cards from the deck is a matter of luck, over the long term it’s the good players who’ll win. They may lose from time to time, and you will too if you bet on them, but over time the same people will always be found among the top-ranking players in tournaments. With luck you might be able to find some good deals in terms of odds from time to time. But be careful because sometimes the odds are very high for players of average reputation and perhaps you may need to try another strategy.
The more you know about the game, the easier it will be for you to understand and decide which player is the most suited to new strats and updates where striking a balance between the two is the very lifeblood of the game. Take the time to watch some of the streams that many players have (Kolento, sjow, Trump,...) so that you can get to know their strengths and weaknesses and also to anticipate (predict!) the game’s outcome.

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