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In its August 2012 release, Valve and Hidden Path have produced a version of Counter Strike that’s particularly well suited to team competition. This FPS still has its best days ahead.

How and where to bet on Counter Strike : Global Offensive?

The success of CS in England has given rise to many free betting sites devoted to the game. But here we’re serious; we’re talking about betting with real money. So, are you ready to bet on The Working Men?

Where do I sign up to bet on CS?

Just like we have the pleasure of betting on our favourite tennis player or football team, it is possible to do the same with Counter Strike. It’s a bit new in England but it’s very common in the United States. There’s a ton of bets every day. It should be noted that tournaments are held often and are very well publicized. The good news is that you’re free to take part in them.

All the bookmakers on our list of eSports betting sites allow you to place bets on the Global Offensive version of CS.

The kinds of bets

The bets most often available are those where you place wagers on matches between two teams during a championship. So you may wager on a victory for eSports organizations like Faze, SK gaming, Cloud9, mousesport, Natus Vincere, Team Liquid, etc...
Furthermore, even before a major tournament begins, you can bet on the winner of the event or, for example, whether a particular team will reach the quarter finals. The odds for this kind of bet are very high and in fact they are similar to multiple bets.

Other kinds of bets may be possible depending on the bookmaker that you’re using. Just to give an example, you can bet on which country will win the event, the number of kills etc…

Can a betting strategy be implemented?

OK, Counter Strike is a very well-established and well-known game. But the Global Offensive version is very focused on competition and team strategies. Therefore don’t make predictions based merely on the skills of a player but rather on how well the team works as a whole. In any case, Swedish teams have proven so powerful that they tend to dominate international tournaments. Take a moment to think about that.
Keep in mind that in eSports are constantly evolving. The teams who currently dominate the game may lose their top position one day and if you sense that the winds are changing then that may be the ideal time to place bets.
Your knowledge and practice of the game is also very important because it will help you to anticipate upcoming changes which could be the result of something very simple like weapons updates or new maps for example.

Continuous tournaments

Clearly Dreamhack, which takes place twice a year, is the culmination point of CS competitions. The Swedes of Fnatic usually dominate this event but surprises are always possible and some bookmakers assign these teams handicaps in order to improve the betting odds. Besides, would you have bet with your heart or your head on the Intel Extreme Masters Season during the World Championship event? In any case, betting would have been a good idea.

Fortunately the SC scene often organizes many other regional and sometimes even world-wide championships. There’s the ESL ESEA Pro League, the Counter Pit League or the CEVO Professional just to name a few.

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