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If you’re here it’s because you’re a player and a fan of this Battle Arena developed by Riot Games, an independent publisher. Would you like to bet on the team who will be the first to destroy the nexus or draw the first blood?

How to bet on League of Legends?

In terms of hours played, LoL is the most played game in Europe and North America. When it comes to competitions, Asia tends to dominate …

Where can I bet on LoL?

What you need is a reliable bookmaker who can bring together the most players for the most matches of as many different kinds of games as possible if you want to be able to bet with exciting odds.
So we’ve tested and approved all the eSports betting sites on our list. This comprehensive list will also give you the chance to find out who the major players are by reading through their profiles as well as reviews from other bettors.
Now here are our picks for the top 3 bookmakers who allow eSports betting.

The kinds of bets on LoL

The most common bets are those wagered on matches held during official major national or international championships. And to our great delight, there are a lot of them.
The goal is to bet on your favourite team and if your prediction proves to be right, you’ll win money. Usually bets are placed for each part of the match. To make up for the difference in skill levels among the teams, handicaps are added to the favourites in order to increase the level of odds.
It’s also possible to bet on the winner of the entire tournament (very huge odds), or on who will destroy the most towers or who will draw the first blood. Since there are few variations in the game’s settings and because it’s the professional teams who tend to reign supreme, bets are consolidated and the odds are fairly high (1.7 even on the favourites).
You’ll be able to bet on the team of your choice, on all competitions available and you’ll get access to the schedule of upcoming competitions. You can even get email alerts if you’d like.

The LoL phenomenon

Since 2017 it’s been estimated that this game draws up to about 70 million active players per month. Freely accessible to all and much-loved for that reason (it’s not a pay to win), League of Legends is one of the leaders on the eSports scene with annual and worldwide competitions with more than 2 million dollars in prize winnings. These figures make heads spin and sponsors coming out in large numbers because of the popularity of the game.

Great pro teams are emerging like Team WE or Immortals and some players like Thal, xiye or Energy are even becoming legends. Live matches add thrills and it all unfolds in a fun atmosphere that’s made even more exciting by the presence of costplay fans. All the special moments are broadcast live on Twitch or Youtube whose audiences surpass those of major football games.
So why not bet on these electronic sports matches so that you can enjoy the game to the fullest?

Betting strategies

The odds featured in most matches are quite advantageous when compared to regular sports betting. For the largest teams the average odds are about 1.7 and any losing prediction is quickly compensated by two good predictions.
Don’t automatically assume that you’ll win money by betting on eSports, we‘re simply telling you this so that you’ll be able to play longer with the amount you’ve deposited.
Even if the outcome of games largely depends on luck, it’s still in your interest to carefully study the players involved and the background of every game. Keep in mind that bans may shift the balance of power even before the game is played.

When the opposing forces are not evenly matched, we suggest (but it’s optional) betting with a handicap. The objective is to artificially balance the match. But be careful because each bookmaker has their own way of achieving this balance. For the League of Legends, this usually means giving away a number of winning cards. The goal is to bring the odds to values >1.5 in order to reignite interest in placing bets. If it’s your first time betting, we don’t suggest using handicaps.

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