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Launched in 2015 and published by Blizzard, Heroes of the Storm is a battle arena that has everything required to win over both players and sponsors. This game integrates both the spirit of the publisher with characters from the Starcraft, Wow and Diablo series but in particular it successfully improves MOBA codes by adding an excellent combination of gaming, maps and playable characters to its very diverse gameplay.

How to bet on Heroes of the Storm?

Built on a solid fan base, the future for HosT looks bright. Some major competitions sponsored by BlizzCon are already being organized.

Where can i bet on Heroes Of The Storm?

International tournaments are being organized and regional qualifications are already underway. The biggest teams are investing their talents in this game which is still relatively new but everything has been set up so that betting can take place without any problems.
Right now may be the best time to get involved in the game and to make good predictions.

Some of the eSports betting sites on our list allow betting on Heroes of the Storm.

What can you bet on?

Heroes of the Storm is a team game that appears very similar to LoL in the sense that it does not allow tie games. The nexus must be destroyed no matter what happens. It’s possible to bet on each match but for now betting on which team will win the entire competition is the most popular. The game has the unique feature of being more dynamic than its competitors, all while being technical and having some special features that make each game unique. In fact it’s even possible to control three heroes at once with Lost Vikings instead of having two players in one like you can with Cho’Gall or even to establish a presence on the whole map with Abathur.

The 'team based' aspect of the game has some significant objectives which also make the game very unique. And success is to just around the corner.

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