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Starcraft 2 is the follow-up to one of the most popular games of strategy of all time, Starcraft , which was first introduced in 1998. It’s the game that’s the most responsible for popularizing tournaments and for creating eSports as we know it today.

How to bet on Starcraft 2

If you’re here it’s because you’re a fan of the World Cyber Arena, Major League Gaming or even Dreamhack. You know all the players, the strategies, the maps, the builds… now you can bet on your passion.

Where can I bet on Starcraft 2?

This game of strategy is the one that’s the most ahead of its time in terms of the professionalization of its players and is dominated by one country: South Korea. Every good bookmaker in electronic sports should allow punters to bet on their favourite Starcraft 2 player.

All the bookmakers on All the bookmakers on allow taking bets on this game.

What can be bet on?

The most common bets are those made on live tournament matches. However betting is not limited to predicting who will win the match. You can also bet on which player will go to the quarter finals or win the whole event. You can even take bets on the nationality of the winner. You will often see bets 'winner without [Name of the favourite], which excludes the frontrunner if, they are really ahead of the pack, in order for the odds to still be appealing.

There are also more special bets like, for example, betting on whether or not the game will be finished in less than 15 minutes (a rage quit counts).

The exceptional Starcraft

This game of strategy (RTS) from Blizzard appears similar to others with its choice of races, resources and units, strategies and counters, maps and builds. Yet the game has been embraced by its fans right from the beginning and Blizzard has responded by providing something that up until now has not been developed: competition. The Starcraft 2 Brood War version followed by Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void manages to remain being very specialized in terms achieving the right balance while still allowing many of its strategies to be fine-tuned.

Starcraft has become quite popular and for more than 17 years has been an institution in eSports while also being responsible for launching many professional careers.

Are there any betting strategies?

Although you’re probably already aware, we want to emphasize the fact that Starcraft championships are often highly competitive. Even the strongest frontrunners can be beaten because of a careless mistake or on a strategy that seems to come out of nowhere. So don’t assume that betting on the leading contender will always be an easy way to win money.

Bets on Starcraft are certainly the most risky ones to make in eSports. It involves betting on individual players who are highly trained and a lot under pressure rather than on teams. Consider these bets really as a way of finding out how much you can support in the strict sense of the word.

In the event that the contest is unevenly matched, bookmakers make the odds more appealing by adding a ‘handicap’. This involves adding one or two advance maps to the outsider and to recalculate the odds. Get the facts before taking this kind of bet because the handicap varies depending on the platform.

As with any other competition, you may learn about the players and their background, see their record of wins and track their progress etc... Some bookmakers will provide you with this information. If you’d like, you can start by reading the TeamLiquid wiki for example.
In our opinion, Starcraft is strictly a game for experts.

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