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How to bet on SMITE?

This battle arena produced by Hi-Rez Studio has been available since March 2014 and has staked its reputation on its 3D gameplay and its availability on PC and Xbox One. Like other MOBA competitors SMITE has matches with 5v5teams so it’s ideal for betting with real money.

Where can I register to bet on SMITE?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to bet with real money on SMITE with all bookmakers. That’s mainly due to the game’s the lack of visibility as well as the fact that, bit by bit, it continues to lose ground compared to its well-known competitors.

Nevertheless you can still sign up on one of the recommended sites where SMITE is accessible because there’s still a chance that this game may one day be accepted. You can find out more about this site on the list of eSports betting sites.

What kinds of bets are possible?

Even if it is not possible to bet on this eSports game in England, you can still do so from abroad. The kinds of bets you can make are in fact very tradtional meaning that you bet on the team who wins a match during a championship. Since tie games are not permitted, the odds are fairly high even for games where there is a strong frontrunner (odds>1.5).
It’s also possible to make predictions who will win a tournament even before it starts. This kind of long-term bet may turn out to be very profitable and it also helps keep you in suspense during the whole competition if your analysis proves to be correct. It’s also possible to bet on whether or not a team will reach the finals or other levels.
Some bookmakers offer special bets like, for example, wagering on whether or not Korea will win the Smite World Championships of the year. Obviously if you bet on the United States, the odds are going to be somewhat low.

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