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By putting its own spin on the FPS genre, Blizzard Entertainment immediately made a big hit upon its release of the game in 2016. Based on the competition between players, it has a powerful engine that combines interest gaming team play with the concept of well-defined roles in an evenly matched team. Everything functions in a way that’s smooth and lively in a universe that encourages gaming innovation.

How to bet on OverWatch?

The game came out at a time when eSports were in a period of rapid expansion and quickly saw specialists appear who had once played other very unstable FPS games like Quake or Team Fortress. It’s not always the teams you’d most likely expect that win competitions, so it’s an excellent game for betting on outsiders.

Where can I register in order to bet on an OverWatch game?

It’s very easy to do since the game is included in all Blizzard tournaments and given its success, every single one of the bookmakers in our selection offer this teamed FPS. Of course you need to choose the right betting site, meaning one who accepts English citizens and who is reputable. That’s why we’ve put together a list of eSports betting sites that you can review at any time.

The kinds of bets

Each player has their role in the team. The pics and bans may slightly alter the composition but overall it’s not as exciting to bet on a particular player but rather on teams pitted against each other, just like in any other sporting event.
You’ll also have the chance to bet on matches outside of official competitions that feature the top teams but be sure to take a close look at who is on the team and not just its name because sometimes the absence of a single player is enough to bring down the whole team’s performance.

Tournaments are always a chance to make different kinds of bets on matches such as win/loss but you can also bet on things like who will draw first blood, which team will reach the semi-finals, which country will win, exact scores and so on.

Can I use a special betting strategy?

You’ll certainly be tempted to take bets whose odds are higher. But be careful with this kind of bet because it is one of the riskiest. As soon as you see odds higher than 10, tell yourself that this could be a bad sign. Bets on exact scores or point spreads or character selection are very risky and you’ll come across others.
The simplest thing is to bet on the results for individual matches during major championships. And even then the risk is still fairly high because in OverWatch, as you may well know, the actions of a single player can quickly upset the outcome of the game. So why not bet on the outsider, meaning who has the biggest odds?
Look at the record of wins and losses as well as the players involved. Some players can be thrown off by others, especially during live tournaments; it’s certainly something to consider.

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